Lockdown – “Every day the same.”

I’m sure this phrase has been on the minds of many during the last few months. And nowhere is this more true than in the homes of the elderly, those who live alone, those with mental health issues etc.

My husband has dementia, and, like others with this condition, it has deteriorated during lockdown due to lack of stimulus. But things changed when he was invited to meet with two other men to play indoor bowls at the CLM building. It’s given him back a social life, some exercise, some stimulus and most of all, some enjoyment.

They don’t play to win, they just enjoy “having a go” while their wives equally enjoy some time together (distancing) for a chat. Availability of activities is limited at the moment but we look forward to seeing more community lives enhanced, with other activities, hopefully in the not too distant future.

CLM is hoping to meet some of the needs – be they physical, mental, spiritual, or social – of various age groups. There’s space to play, tables to eat from or to work on, and willing volunteers to help. We look forward to welcoming you too one day soon!

This and other activities are made possible thanks to funding from the Government distributed through the Coronavirus Community Support Fund.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay