Tutoring support


support for educationally vulnerable children

The Covid-19 pandemic had a hugely significant impact on children in all stages of education. But as with many other things, this did not affect all in the same way with some children suffering much more than others. The digital divide (seen in access to adequate broadband or suitable laptops), parental availability or involvement, housing and having dedicated space to learn at home – all these and more meant that some children have fallen even further behind in their education.

We have been working with one local school to supplement the government funded resources and provide individual or small group tuition to the most vulnerable children. The school programme coordinator commented:

All of the feedback has been very positive from at home and the tutors are keeping track of the progress being made with them. The teachers in school have also commented on how they have noticed a difference in confidence in school with a few of these children.

We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in our community in this way and wish all of the children who are receiving tutoring support the very best for their learning.


Given the success of this project, we would be delighted to be able to widen the scope to other schools. We are looking for corporate sponsors who may be willing to fund a period of tuition for one or more children. This is an excellent chance to invest in our community, as well as allowing people to learn about your services. Please contact us if you are interested in this.