About Us

A local charity that exists to address the needs of our community.

We are currently actively looking for volunteers to help with:

  • managing social media
  • befrienders (both for home visits and phone conversations)
  • TOEFL teachers / conversation partners to help new asylum seekers improve their English language

Contact us to find out more, to suggest ways we can serve our community or to volunteer in any of our programmes.

Find out more about CLM church and its activities:

Community Lives Matter is a charity that focuses on the needs of our immediate community, offering our activities to all without distinction and inviting all to participate in providing our services, through volunteering.

The roots of our work are found in the desire of members of CLM church to better serve our local community and address the needs of those we live amongst. Motivated by the basic premise to “love your neighbour as yourself”, Community Lives Matter was established as a non-religious charity to give better expression to that purpose.

We currently work in the following areas:

  • support for older people
  • addressing loneliness
  • support for people with dementia
  • support for asylum seekers and refugees
  • educational support for vulnerable children
  • support for better integration in families

We are a registered charity number 1189401 and are always willing to explore partnerships with other community groups and businesses or offers of support. We are also open to requests for help and suggestions of areas where we can better serve the needs of our community.