Indoor bowls & Carer Support Group

Short mat bowls for people with dementia

Gentle sports activity, trips and social contact for people with dementia, carers & family

Every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm, the main hall becomes a short-mat bowling venue with anywhere from a dozen to twenty people who gather to play, have a brew and a natter, and spend a really enjoyable morning together.

We’re not competitive though do follow the rules – roughly! Those with dementia are able to play and enjoy the banter as well as the game itself, and our volunteers are on hand to steer the action along – and the occasional bowl too! Meanwhile, carers or family members who accompany them can sit and chat and enjoy a social time with others without the responsibility of overseeing the activity, whilst keeping one eye on play and always being ready to dodge the odd wayward bowl… They are able to get support from each other, and gain advice from those who really do understand.

All ages and ability levels can play – even if you’ve never played, don’t let that put you off, so do feel free to come and give it a go. It can also be played sitting down so is suitable for people with reduced mobility too. There’s no charge, though we do accept donations towards the costs.

Oh, and don’t be deceived! A ”short” mat isn’t actually that short, and the sense of achievement at getting your bowl close to the jack or winning an end is real.

As a group we also arrange lots of days out and trips, these include visits to local eateries, day trips to Liverpool, theatre trips, meals out, adventure golf, tenpin bowling, to name but a few! They are super popular with everyone, so we aim to host many more, why not come along and join in the fun?

There is a great sense of camaraderie with the group members who enjoy one another’s company as much as the activities themselves.