We didn’t anticipate Covid-19 (who did?!) when starting our work…

When our application for charitable status was submitted in February this year, little did we realise how the world was going to be transformed in the following months. Our normal programme of activities was soon put on hold and we were able to do little more than wonder what might happen next.

But it also gave us time to think about the best ways to develop our services for life beyond lockdown.

For some, this time has brought needed space in very busy lives. But for many, it has brought disruption, loneliness, isolation, educational disadvantages and anxiety about the future. At this time, we are having to accept the limitations imposed by dealing with the demands of social distancing. But we are also committed to working to address the immediate impact of the virus on the most vulnerable and putting support in place for those most affected by the pandemic.

We look forward to working with you as life goes “forward to normal”.

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