On your bike!

Bikes! For asylum seekers, a bike is a huge asset. With limited resources, and with the scant public transport options between towns in West Lancashire, a bike enables them to get out and about. Although things have been different during lockdown, with Spring on its way and the vaccine rollout progressing well, it seems that we are slowly turning a corner and life will start to open up again. A bike then enables them to visit one another more easily too.

At Community Lives Matter We’ve been collecting and servicing second hand bikes for their use. And as you can see, getting one certainly puts a smile on their faces! With the constant flow of asylum seekers and refugees coming in and out of our area, there is a continual need for more bikes for them. So, if any of you have an old (but roadworthy!) or unused bike sat in a shed that you’d like to give to a good home, please do get in touch and we’ll gladly take it off your hands. And if you would like to help do up the bikes we receive, or contribute to the cost of pumps, lights and locks that we give with the bikes, that would be very welcome too.