Bridging the education gap

By the time children returned to school in September, they had spent more than five months away from their education. All children’s learning has been affected by this but many studies have shown that experience of learning at home has been very varied. The reality is that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have suffered disproportionately. Whilst many were working from home, those in lower paid jobs tended to continue working away from home, meaning their children had less supervision or encouragement and help with schooling. On top of this, fewer had laptops or other means of accessing digital resources provided by the schools and fell further behind.

At Community Lives Matter, we are particularly concerned with the needs of these school age children and young people. We will therefore be working with local schools to offer after school workshops and tutoring, which will not only be educationally beneficial but will be also a fun and a safe place for young people to be actively encouraged to learn and grow.

Our endeavour is to reach primary, secondary and college students, mainly for those who require that little bit extra encouragement with catching up of school/college work lost over the last few months. Working alongside the local schools, we trust that this will give these children the boost they need.

Wanted – tutors and educators

We will shortly be starting to recruit tutors and people able to give educational support to eligible children and young people. If you have experience in education and have an hour or so a week to give to help, please do get in touch. We’d love to work with you to help to bridge the educational gap.